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New Jersey based Del Maximo Foods was founded in 2001 by Joel & and Ronny Benjamin. It has been a lifelong dream for both brothers to serve authentic Latin flavors to families near and far.  After traveling to varies Latin American countries they learned and studied the cultures and cuisines of different countries to implement their learning in the business of importing and distributing foods to supermarkets and family tables across the globe.


Thanks to Del Maximo's Liquid Adobo, perfect for seasoning beef, chicken, steak, or fish the company has experienced significant growth and has gained shelf-space and market-share in major supermarket chains and restaurants nationwide.  With more stores asking for more products under the Del Maximo name, Del Maximo has steadily been increasing their product line aswell as also importing brand name items from there particular country to service the needs of stores in particular neighborhoods.  Due to the steady growth in sales and increasing presence, Del Maximo's Liquid Adobo has attracted the attention of multi-billion dollar companies.


In 2007 Del Maximo received the exclusivity to Del Prado nectars from Panama adding to the tremendous growth of the company.  Being of Panamanian descent the brothers are proud to represent products from their country, or how we say in Spanish "Orgulloso."  Del Prado nectars have been satisfying the taste of Latino's and now American's for 45 years expanding from Panama now serving varies countries across the Americas.



Del Maximo Foods distribution spands from Connecticut to Maryland and growing strongly.  Our products are available in an ever-broadening array of supermarkets and grocery stores including the strongest retailers in the northeast; ShopRite, Pathmark and A&P just to name a few.

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